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Profile and promotion

Artists' strategies

Although commercial considerations drive the art market, the practice-driven activities of artists operating individually or collaboratively not only provide the artists themselves with profile and development but also offer insights for art world professionals into new directions in contemporary visual arts practice.

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Robbie Lockwood and Stefan Szczelkun

Video of artists Robbie Lockwood and Stefan Szczelkun discussing sustaining their practices, the benefits and challenges of working in collectives and radical approaches to education groups. Read on…

Profile, January 2013

Studio Voltaire

S Mark Gubb profiles Studio Voltaire, the first and only artist-led gallery and studio complex in South West London. Read on…

Profile, October 2007

The International 3

The International 3 is an exhibition and project space based in Manchester that runs as a not-for-profit company. S Mark Gubb looks at their activities and development. Read on…

Profile, October 2007


Sorcha Dallas profiles Transmission, the Glasgow-based artist-run gallery, that was established in 1983 by graduates of Glasgow School of Art.  Read on…

Profile, April 2003


S Mark Gubb talks to Vane about its evolution from an artist-led platform in Newcastle to an artists' agency operating internationally. Read on…

Profile, October 2007

Profiles: artists

David Kefford

David Kefford is a sculptor who uses low-tech craft processes to transform found objects into surreal creations imbued with human characteristics and emotions. Read on…

Profile: artist, June 2007

Lucy Panesar

Lucy Panesar’s college aspiration was to be a practising artist and part-time college lecturer, and a methodical approach to her career has made this a reality. Read on…

Profile: artist, June 2007

Nicky Hodge

Nicky Hodge featured in the Fine art and Painting sections of a-n’s Signpost publication for new graduates in 2001-3. Since then, exhibitions with Danielle Arnaud Gallery have served to demonstrate the value of the artist-gallery relationship. Read on…

Profile: artist, June 2007

Tanya Axford

Paul Moss profiles Tanya Axford and discusses the strategies she has employed to maintain her practice. Read on…

Profile: artist, April 2003


Against the grain

Richard Taylor talks to three recently founded artists' groups about doing it 'DIY', progress so far and what the future holds.

 Read on…

Feature, June 2010

Risk and failure in art and blogging

Christopher Thomas considers the importance of potential failure in art-making as described in artists' blogs. Read on…

Feature, June 2009


In pdf format

Shifting practice - pdf »

Open pdf file …

Shifting practice, guest edited by John Beagles and Paul Stone, takes the artist-led initiative as its starting point.

Includes introduction by Beagles and Stone and articles from Ruth Claxton, Springhill Institute, Deborah Jackson, Peter Suchin and Susannah Thompson.

From the a-n Collections series.

Pdf [size: 1.19Mb]. Requires pdf reader.

a-n Collections July 2005

In html format

Energy and overspill

Peter Suchin considers the motivations of artist-led spaces in London’s East End. Read on…

Publication in html, a-n Collections July 2005

Trading places

Ruth Claxton examines the changing aspirations of artist-led spaces. Read on…

Publication in html, a-n Collections July 2005


All the fun of the fair

Organised by artists in east London,'Roman Road Revel' was a village fête with a difference. Lucy Wilson reports on this and other artists-led projects that appropriate traditional community fairs and festivals. Read on…

Feature, a-n Magazine September 2003

Big red ball

American artist Kurt Perschke reports with an account of his self-organised large inflatables 'RedBall Project' in Barcelona. Read on…

Feature, a-n Magazine December 2002

Locative networking

Iliyana Nedkova responds to the networking themes that arose at Amorphous combustion, part of a body of specially commissioned writing published now on Read on…

Feature, a-n Magazine June 2004

More than a stopping place

Laura Hewitt on Hotel Mariakapel, an artists’ initiative where the ideas of intimacy, dialogue and collaboration are fundamental concerns. Read on…

Feature, a-n Magazine April 2005


Following the Self Assembly conference organised by a-n in March, Mark Gubb discusses how to make friends and influence people, highlighting some of the words and phrases used by Chair Jason E Bowman that are sometimes associated with networking. Read on…

Feature, a-n Magazine July 2003


Graham Ramsay reports on the Artist-to-Artist International Scheme. Read on…

Feature, a-n Magazine June 2004

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