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Craft key to creative knowledge economy

New report reveals extent of the contribution of entrepreneurial craft makers to industry, education and community and the importance of the mastery of real things in this digital and information age. Read on…

News, July 2010

Rosalind Davis on the new coalition

AIR member Rosalind Davis, mixed media painter and graduate from the RCA, discusses her thoughts on the new coalition government and how cuts to arts funding will affect her personally. Read on…

News, June 2010

Scottish Artists Union meet up

January's AIR Advisory Group meeting held in Newcastle provided the opportunity to invite Scottish Artists Union President Chris Biddlecombe to come along. Read on…

News, January 2010

State of the Arts 2010

The State of the Arts conference organised by Arts Council England and RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) and held in January in London was heralded as a key opportunity to examine the current and future challenges and opportunities around domestic arts policy, strategy and funding and Britain's position within the global cultural landscape. Read on…

News, January 2010

Artists' representation research moving forward

A greater understanding of why people join lobbying groups, and how they operate has been gained from an online survey of AIR members. Thanks to everyone who made time to contribute. When asked about the organisations that they felt represented… Read on…

News, December 2009

AIRTIME survey results

A survey highlighting the differences in type of professional development needs amongst artists in different locations such as London, Plymouth, Sheffield and Manchester. Read on…

News, August 2009

Artists in Ireland

Artists' employment status and livelihoods were the hot topics at a meeting that took place in August between Visual Arts Ireland's Chief Executive, Noel Kelly and AIR advisers Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva, Sally Sheinman and Caroline Wright. Read on…

News, August 2009

AIRTIME events for artists

Since 2009, AIRTIME events for artists have enabled them to both explore their approaches and strategies for their practice and to access information and networking opportunities. Read on…

News, July 2010. Updated: July 2011

AIR invited to join ECA

Following AIR Advisory Group member Sally Sheinman's exploratory visit to the European Council of Artists (ECA) conference in Dublin in November, AIR is being invited to join this important umbrella body, composed of interdisciplinary artists' councils and artists' organisations from twenty-five European countries. Read on…

News, February 2009

2nd birthday celebration

In November, AIR celebrated its two-year milestone and the launch of the Artists' Insurance Policy (AIP) with a gathering for artists and the art world. Held in the Art Café at London's Toynbee Studios, AIR Advisory Group member artist Mitra Memarzia presented her take on the value of collective action. Read on…

News, December 2008

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