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Artquest is ten!

'Artquest's website'

'Artquest's website'

Congratulations to Artquest, which is celebrating a landmark anniversary today! For more than ten years Artquest has successfully encouraged critical engagement and provided invaluable practical support to visual artists.

Founded by Stephen Beddoe in 2001, Artquest has built a reputation for its rich resource that broaches topics both vital and practical. Questions like: How do I find an accountant? Where can I buy art materials? How much should I charge for my services? How do I claim housing benefit? Where can I find a list of UK arts residencies? are addressed in it’s vast bank of articles and listings.

Artquest’s three sister sites have a specialist focus for artists including: Artlaw - an archive of legal articles written by Henry Lydiate and an online legal query service for London based artists. Artroute - international country guides for artists with resources and articles about living and working as an artist abroad. Artelier- an online international network of artists connecting you with practitioners around the globe and allowing you to organise reciprocal studio exchanges.

Artquest’s three part-time members of staff are Russell Martin, Nick Kaplony and Simona Dell-Agli, all of whom are practicing artists and write many of the articles collaboratively to ensure all points of view are represented.

a-n is proud to have partnered with Artquest on numerous initiatives including A+ which aims to provide a strategic and credible grassroots response to the challenges artists and the visual arts sector face in our uncertain operating environment and provide resilient and sustainable models for future visual arts infrastructure by way of networking events, co-learning, research into artists’ needs and aspirations as well as signposting for new graduates embarking on a career in the visual arts.

The A+ agreement builds on our past collaborations with Artquest on projects like the Artists Code of Practice seminars (2004), Future Forecast (2006), AIR Time (2009) as well as less formal information sharing and research gathering.

Happy tenth anniversary Artquest! And here's to many more!

UPDATE 16.01.12 
You can read Martin Lang's review of the Artquest Anniversary party on Interface >>

First published: January 2012

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