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Internship g39/WARP

WHO: The Intern position is aimed at those with some experience with an arts organisation but who wish to develop their skills further through training and direct engagement with the sector. It is open to both arts practitioners and non-practitioners alike but knowledge and understanding of contemporary art is essential.

WHAT: The Intern will be responsible for the ongoing operation of the WARP artist resource area and the co-ordination of the volunteer workforce at the gallery. They will also be involved in the administration of the schemes and have the opportunity to work closely with both marketing and exhibition installation within g39.

DETAILS: g39 is a publicly funded art organisation focussed on increasing awareness and understanding of contemporary art in Wales. This is achieved mainly through its programme of exhibitions, presented in the permanent 'white cube' premises in Cardiff city centre and offsite temporary venues. g39 profiles work by contemporary artists from Wales alongside those from the rest of the UK and beyond. It does not make curatorial distinctions between differing career levels of artists; however it does focus its attention on emerging artists.  Wales Artist Resource Programme (WARP) was established in 2008 as an in-house artist run professional development resource that enables g39 to offer Welsh and Wales-based artists mentoring, training and advice from arts professionals. The programme comprises a number of schemes that are delivered responsively according to the ambition and needs of participants in relation to the arts sector, whether skills-based, entrepreneurial, business skills, or academic critique.

Deadline: 15 December 2009 ** Deadline expired**

Organiser/employer: g39

[ Added on 15 December 2009 ]

Professional development

Pays fee/prize/award
Experience required:
Some experience
Students eligible:
UK - Cardiff

Deadline expired