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By: Julie Dodd

The day to day life of a struggling artist.

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# 11 [28 August 2010]

I've been working really hard over the last couple of weeks. There's so many opportunities at the moment, especially with the Liverpool independant Biennial preparations starting. I've been trying to cram in as much as I can as I realise that I'm back in work soon and I won't have as much time to get artwork done.

I'm having a break tomorrow though, my husband is taking me to London for an early birthday present to see Ernesto Netos work. What a treat, I can't wait.

# 12 [31 August 2010]

Had a great weekend but have spent what we haven't really got! Ernesto Netos work was great, not at all what I expected though. A lot more fun and child orientated than I had thought and I was disapointed that there weren't more of the nylon pieces that hang with spices in them, but over all really interesting.

We where going to go to the Tate Modern too but I've had a horrible head cold so couldn't manage much. Missed the kids like mad, got home last night to quite a tidy house and sat with the kids for the reat of the evening. Back to reality today, tomorrow I'm going to give a hand at the six room gallery to get it ready, then the next day I'm back to work. Only in two days though and then it's the weekend. Kids are back to school on Monday though so no doubt I'll be rushing around getting last minute things.

# 13 [1 September 2010]

It's back to work tomorrow after a great summer. I thought I'd have nothing to do but in fact the time off has given me the opportunity to sort out a few different projects. I'm in the middle of sorting out packages to send off to a show in New York.'m working on an independant biennial project about the Williamson tunnels.  I'm working on my fellowship show still I'm also working on another project for the independant biennial on the Wirral.

 Looking forward to get back though.

# 14 [3 September 2010]

I've been back to work for two days now. I've been really busy getting displays done before the kids come back. It's really great to get back into it though.

I've got the weekend off now so I'm going to get stuck into some artwork while I have a sit down and watch some tv.

Hopefully I'm going to get over to the Williamson tunnels again tomorrow and they'll be open!

And on Sunday I'm going to a couple of carboot sales to get some cheap books and maybe some clothes for  bookcovers.

# 15 [5 September 2010]

I went to a car boot sale today and spent £11 on books and clothes. I only bought clothes that I thought would make good book covers but infact I'm keeping two dresses and a skirt, haha. One dress was a beautiful river Island dress that cost 50p, bargain. And I've had to part with 12 of the 45 books because they where geography ones, like Bill Brysons etc that my husband wants to keep. He hasn't finished the ones he bought during his degree, he'll never get around to reading all the extra ones.

# 16 [6 September 2010]

I didn't seem to get anywhere in work today, got a display finished, lots of photocopying done and that was about it. This evening has gone much the same. I've worked hard all evening but don't have much to show for it. It's not long now til the fellowship show, with the two independant biennial exhibitions following close behind.

# 17 [19 September 2010]

Went to the opening of the Liverpool Biennial last night. I didn't get around even half the work but the stuff I saw was impressive. Even better than the last one. I was especially excited to see Magdalena Abakanowicz's 'Embryology' at the Tate. When I wrote my dissertation for my degree I studied Magdalenas work, especially her earlier works. It was just what I expected, tactile, yet repulsive at the same time. Absolutely beautiful, what a treat!

I also enjoyed Wannes Goetschalcka's 'Without', videos of the artist doing different tasks to the extreme, well until he's worn the function or himself out I guess. As I turned a corner there he was in a t.v. sized hole in a wall moving wooden walls/boxes around. And that's what he must have done all evening! I loved it.

I'm trying to design a costume for work. We're going on a fancy dress fun run for charity. Well I'm not I'm on toilet duty but I'm still dressing up. I'm thinking of being a ladybird. I think a hat/bonnet type of thing and some sort of cloak would be best because I get the bus to work so I don't have to get ready at home then and I could just shove the costume in a bag.

# 18 [2 October 2010]

I did quite well at the Liverpool book fair at the AFoundation today, Michelle my tutor from my degree course and Sarah the print technican came along with a few past and present students which was really nice. A man bought a piece and told me he'd bought a piece of mine before at the manchester bookfair, which I'm so happy about, hopefully he'll  collect my work.

I was so excited to see a performance art piece whilst at the AFoundation by Sachiko Abe. She is sitting on a platform dressed in white and snipping paper by cutting around the edges of a piece of paper. The snipped paper is becoming the installation and it is absolutely beautiful. I could have stood and watched her for hours.

My friend Carol who also had a table introduced me to a guy who is producing a drawing paper, as in a type of newspaper. There's only been two additions so far, of which he gave me both copies. They are gorgeous. Just full of pages of artists drawings with statements at the back of the paper. What a nice idea.

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Thanks for signposting to drawing paper. Looks really interesting.

posted on 2010-10-05 by Clare Smith

# 19 [4 October 2010]

I've been painting sections of Van Goghs 'Harvest' and 'Cypress and wheatfield' as examples of layering for the kids today in work. Not at all easy for me as I'm not that good at painting even in my own style. But I think it'll be ok when I've finished.

I don't feel anywhere near as stressed out since the p.v. at the Williamson, I had my first really good nights sleep for months last night, I only woke a couple of times. I should be stressed still though. I've got the project on the Williamson Tunnels to do, lots of books to watercolour and cut and pictures to frame up for the six rooms gallery.

There's a p.v at the Williamson Tunnels on Friday night that I really want to go too. I wonder if they'd let me record conversation in there, that's if I can go, I haven't been well today, maybe to much sleep has caused it, haha.

# 20 [7 October 2010]

Work was good today, I designed some examples of a project based on what job the children want want they grow up. The examples are funny (not really on purpose though) I think the kids will have fun making them. Since I got home I've updated my website finished framing the work for the next exhibition and I'm about to work on the Bridewell project. So quite a productive day so far.

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Julie Dodd

I graduated from a fine art degree course at Wirral Metropolitan College in 2009 , continuing my practice through a fellowship course during 2009-2010 also at Wirral Metropolitan College. I work as an art technician in a high school three days a week. My art practice is  based in printmaking, bookmaking and installation work.