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Jack Hutchinson

Jack Hutchinson is an artist, writer and educator. A specialist on the role of digital technology within the visual arts, he is Communications Officer for AIR: Artists Interaction and Representation through a-n The Artists Information Company. His writing has featured in a diverse range of publications, including Dazed and Confused, Garageland, Guardian Culture Professionals, Twin Magazine, a-n Magazine and Schweizer Kunst. Based in London at Bow Arts Trust, he is an active campaigner for artistic, legislative and economic measures that enhance artists' working lives and professional status. His drawings have featured in solo and group exhibitions across the UK.

jackhutchinsonair@googlemail.com | www.jackjhutchinson.com

Virginia Verran

Centre for Recent Drawing, London
12 April - 25 May 2013 Read on…

Review, a-n.co.uk May 2013

Madge Gill Residency

Blog following my residency at the Nunnery Gallery, London. I will be responding to the work of Outsider artist Madge Gill and producing a new series of drawings for the exhibition 'Autography', opening 23 August… Read on…


COMMENT: Creative Economies and the artist

Yesterday’s Creative Economies seminar in London looked at the role of the arts in economic development and regeneration. But how does the artist fit in with this?

 Read on…

News, a-n.co.uk June 2012

Artistsí pensions research

Joseph Young, Vice Chair of AIR, to conduct research into artists’ pensions. Read on…

News, a-n.co.uk June 2012

Open submissions: the inside story

How do you run an open exhibition? Jo King, curator of the Ludlow Open, explains all, from sourcing funding and the reasons behind charging artists entry fees, to curating 60 artists' work. Read on…

Profile, a-n.co.uk June 2012

What makes a successful campaign?

The Manifesto Club's Visiting Artists Campaign forced the Home Office to back down over red-tape immigration rules that were having a direct impact on non-EU artists. Manick Govinda explains how they did it. Read on…

News, a-n.co.uk June 2012

Snapshot - 2012 June

Back in 2009, Snapshot was my first paid commission as a writer. Over the last four years contributing to this feature has resulted in an array of connections with superb artist-focused organisations. It never ceases to amaze me how resilient we are as a sector. The support offered to smaller organisations who play a pivotal role in the development of artists has been inspiring, although more still needs to be done.

This month's selection is a mix of resilience, newly established, and a few personal faves. The one thing they all have in common? They put artists at the centre.

 Subscribers read on…

Snapshot, a-n.co.uk May 2012

Artists and Pinterest

Jack Hutchinson gets to grips with the latest digital networking tool and asks: how and why should artists be using it? Subscribers read on…

Feature, a-n.co.uk April 2012

ArtSway announces closure

Unique New Forest gallery forced to close following loss of Arts Council funding. Read on…

News, a-n.co.uk April 2012

Do artists have a duty to campaign?

Artists Sally Lemsford and Elizabeth Murton reflect on AIR's first annual members forum, OpenAIR: Effecting Change. Interview by Jack Hutchinson. Subscribers read on…

Feature, a-n.co.uk March 2012

Full impact of ACE cuts laid bare

Research by the Stage illustrates how Arts Council cuts are decimating arts organisations. Read on…

News, a-n.co.uk March 2012

Business investment in visual arts falls

Despite massive drive by the government, investment by businesses in the arts drops to lowest level for seven years. Read on…

News, a-n.co.uk February 2012

Artists effecting change

February saw the inaugural OpenAIR: Effecting Change members forum take place at Firstsite, Colchester as well as State of the Arts, Arts Council England's (ACE) annual conference, which had Artists' Shaping the World' as its theme. Emily Speed, Jack Hutchinson and Gillian Nicol give their views of these events. Subscribers read on…

Feature, a-n.co.uk February 2012

OpenAIR Effecting Change

On 11 February 2012, Firstsite, Colchester, hosted AIR’s first annual members forum. OpenAIR asked participants: how can artists effect change and what will this look like? Read on…

News, a-n.co.uk February 2012

How can artists effect change?

Artists shaping the world is a hot topic at the moment. Jack Hutchinson asks: can artists effect change and what will this look like? Read on…

News, a-n.co.uk February 2012

OpenAIR interview: Dan McQuillan

AIR Communications Officer Jack Hutchinson catches up with OpenAIR Action Presenter Dan McQuillan. Read on…

News, a-n.co.uk January 2012

Artists move to effect change

OpenAIR, the first annual members'forum of AIR: Artists Interaction and Representation, offers a unique platform for artists' dialogue and debate, empowered and enabled through speakers drawn from very different disciplines and fields of work, all committed to campaigning for effective change. Subscribers read on…

Feature, a-n.co.uk January 2012

Winning the prize

Jack Hutchinson reports from the awards ceremony of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation Awards. Subscribers read on…

Feature, a-n.co.uk November 2011

Surface Gallery

Jack Hutchinson speaks to volunteers at Surface Gallery, an independent, artist-led gallery and studio complex in Nottingham. Its expansive programme involves exhibitions, talks and residencies.  Read on…

Profile: organisation, a-n.co.uk November 2011

Snapshot - 2011 November

Jack Hutchinson with highlights of what's on in November around the UK and beyond. Subscribers read on…

Snapshot, a-n.co.uk October 2011

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