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The Centre Is Here

WHO: The seminars are ideally suited to artists who feel their practice could benefit from one or more of the seminars

WHAT: G39’s Wales Artists Resource Programme and Chapter Gallery are holding a series of travelling symposia to focus attention on the professional development of artists in Wales. The Centre is Here aims to offer artists the opportunity to hear first-hand a range of arts professionals from the UK talk about different aspects related to ‘professional art practice’, as well as encourage critical reflection on artist activity. Four seminars are scheduled, each focussing upon a different element of art practice.

WHEN: 22nd October 2008
Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff – Curating This session will focus on curating at the periphery, an exploration of the issues affecting and informing the production and the presentation of work that can be considered to be off-centre in relation to the 'established' art world.  Speakers;
•    Karen Mackinnon (Curator Glyn Vivian Swansea and Curator of Wales at Venice 2005)
•    Danielle Arnaud (Curator/Gallerist of Danielle Arnaud Contemporary Art, London and co-curator of Tatton Park Biennial)
•    Tristan Hessing ( Co Director of Moot, Nottingham and practicing artist)
•    Grace Davies (Project manager/Curator of Locws International, Swansea

27th November 2008
Oriel Davies, Newtown ¬– Understanding the Media Press / promotion / marketing of visual arts in Wales. A look at how it has been achieved by artists working in Wales and also why it is needed, if it is needed. How can the media be used successfully for artists and how can the media learn from / use artists?  Current speakers Include:
•    Chris Brown (Magazine Co-ordinator of AN magazine and Development Officer, g39, Cardiff)
•    Rueban Knutson (Audience development co-ordinator Axis)

February 2009
Oriel Mostyn, Llandudno – Galleries This session will invite gallery professionals to Wales to discuss their approach to curating and in particular focus on how artists should attempt to navigate the system in order to maximise exhibition opportunities. Current speakers Include:
•    Ryan Gander (Artist and Director of Associates, London)
•    Bruce Haines (Exhibitions Officer Camden Arts Centre, London)

April 2009
Venue to be confirmed, Swansea/Cardiff– Developing a discourse within Wales and beyond. A look at the level of critical discourse in Wales and how it can be extended. What are the issues that nullify critical discourse and how, if there are any, can these be overcome?

CHARGES: Tickets are subsidised and cost £10, this will include light refreshments.

Deadline: 29 August 2008 ** Deadline expired**

Organiser/employer: g39

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