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March 2012

This month, Alessandro Vincentelli selects texts by Tom Hackett, Kenn Taylor, Maru Rojas Cuahonte, David Minton, Iris Priest and Charlotte A Morgan; Rebecca Heald, Director of Bloomberg New Contemporaries spotlights Clare Maynard's 'Random places'; Emily Speed, Jack Hutchinson and Gillian Nicol report from the inaugural OpenAIR members' forum at Firstsite, Colchester and from Arts Council England's annual conference 'Artists shaping the world';Pippa Koszerek and Eleonora Schinella consider relationships between artists, activism and social justice following the 2011 Triangle Network conference in London.



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A new model for the teaching of painting?

I have been reading with interest the debate in a-n about the development of "alternative art schools" (Research papers: Alternative art schools, Pippa Koszerek, 2011). Subscribers read on…

Letter, February 2012


Snapshot - 2012 March

Emma Geliot with highlights of what's on in March around the UK and beyond. Subscribers read on…

Snapshot, February 2012


Triangle Network Conference

Pippa Koszerek and Eleonora Schinella consider relationships between artists, activism and social justice following the 2011 Triangle Network conference in London. Read on…

Comment, February 2012


Winners and losers

Newcastle's Side Gallery and Cumbria's Lanternhouse are amongst organisations whose bids for Arts Council England's National Portfolio Organisation status were not successful. Subscribers read on…

News, February 2012

Who will fund digital development?

The report from the ACE/NESTA Digital R&D Fund for Arts and Culture has "uncovered a high demand from arts and cultural organisations to explore how digital technologies can expand their audience reach and enable new business models". Subscribers read on…

News, February 2012

Visions of an underwater city

Plunge, a new public art work by Michael Pinsky, imagines a time 1,000 years in the future when the effects of climate change have transformed the city of London. Subscribers read on…

News, February 2012

The Photographers' Gallery announces public opening date 19 May 2012

Despite numerous delays following its closure for renovation in 2010, The Photographers' Gallery has announced that it will finally unveil its new home on Ramilles Street in Soho, central London on Saturday 19 May 2012 but still needs to raise £30,000 towards its goal. Subscribers read on…

News, February 2012

Exploring digital income

DACS is spearheading research into how artists can make more income from their assets. Subscribers read on…

News, February 2012

Don't Look Back! I Told You So

An exhibition of new work by Chien-Wei Chang at New Walk Museum & Art Gallery, Leicester, forms part of the national crafts initiative 'the shape of things'. Subscribers read on…

News, February 2012

Artists' Bonfire

At the end of January, artists gathered at Islington Mill in Salford to burn their art works. This was the second Artists' Bonfire, organised by artist Rosanne Robertson; the first took place in January 2011. Subscribers read on…

News, February 2012


Reviews: March 2012

Critical commentary and contextualisation of contemporary art exhibitions across the UK and beyond. Guest selected each month from the wealth of user-generated reviews uploaded to Interface. This month's guest selector is Alessandro Vincentelli. You can read all the reviews in full at Subscribers read on…

Feature, February 2012

On the cover - 2012 March

Melinda Gibson, Photomontage XVI, (taken from pages 133,169,196), mixed media, 74.5x91mm, 2009-11. Subscribers read on…

Feature, February 2012

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