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marina giostra

Fion Gunn

Cherry Guillespie

S Mark Gubb

S Mark Gubb is an artist based in Nottingham. He works across a range of media; video, sculpture, installation, performance, sound etc. and has also started to curate projects. He has a particular interest in history and popular culture and often uses a non-arts audience in the production or delivery of his work. Read on…

Kate Griffiths

Fledgling artist and reviewer based in Bristol. Read on…

Catherine Griffiths

Jonathan Griffin

Jonathan Griffin is Editorial Assistant of Frieze magazine. Read on…

Jonathan Griffin

Jonathan Griffin is a freelance writer living in London and Los Angeles Read on…

Lydia Griffin

Mark Greenwood

Performance Writer/ Artist currently researching a doctorate in Fine Art at Kingston University, London. Currently curating the RED APE project in Liverpool U.K where based.

Read on…

Althea Greenan

Althea Greenan is curator of The Women's Art Library, part of the Special Collections held in Goldsmiths University of London. She writes on women artists and has published in numerous magazines, both printed and online. Read on…

Dan Green

Brighton based artist, curator and writer.  Member of Sixes & Sevens. Read on…

Victoria Gray & O U I Performance

O U I Performance is a not-for-profit, artist-led organization curating live time-based performance in York, North Yorkshire, UK. Founded in 2010, O U I Performance aims to create a physical and conceptual space for new live work in the city through the curation of regular performance events.

O U I Performance commissions new work by local, national and international artists, committed to developing live performance practice on a local level that is represented nationally and internationally.

Responding to a lack of sustainable infrastructure for contemporary time-based practice, O U I Performance supports non-commercial, experimental arts practice. Fostering a culture of criticality and discourse.

O U I Performance is led by artists Victoria Gray & Nathan Walker


Read on…

Victoria Gray

Victoria Gray is an artist based in York working with performance actions, sculpture and text. Victoria is also co-founder of O U I Performance (York), founded in 2010 with artist Nathan Walker. O U I Performance commissions and curates contemporary time based performance developing a regional, national and international profile. Victoria holds a permanent post as Lecturer in Performance within the Faculty of Arts, York St John University, York, UK.   Victoria Read on…

Jackie Grant

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