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Linda Gordon

Linda Gordon is an artist whose home-base is in North Devon in Devon. Her practice is wide-ranging, and focuses primarily on landscape. Read on…

Robert Good

Robert Good is an artist who works with image, text and installation to explore the boundaries between visual and verbal, theory and practice, art and life. He is a recent MFA graduate and the 2011 winner of the Searle Award for Creativity.

Read on…

Mike Golding

I am an artist, and Senior Lecturer in Photography at Northumbria University. My practice is concerned with the potentials of digital technologies with regard to the photographic image and issues of social and psychological formation. As a writer, I am interested in all aspects of contemporary visual culture. Read on…

Heloise Godfrey-Talbot

An artist interested in making work with and about people and the ways they communicate.

Read on…

Emily Godden

My name is Audit Chaos and I'm in my first year of studying BA Fine Art at UCS, how groovy is that?  Life is absurd, and sometimes so is my work - let's go on with our conversation. Read on…

Tom Goddard

Tom Goddard - artist, cerbyd and would be writer based in Cardiff

Read on…

Jane Glennie

Artist & freelance designer. BA(Hons) Typography & Graphic Communication. University of Reading, 1994.

Read on…

Colin Glen

I am an artist and am studying for a Phd at the University of Bristol in the photographic documentation of art Read on…

Sarah Gittins

I am an artist living and working in Sheffield, currently artist in residence with the Sheffield Care Trust Read on…

Jonathan Gilhooly

Jonathan Gilhooly is an artist and lecturer based in Brighton, UK  

Read on…

Ryan Gilbey

Carl Gent

Carl Gent is an artist based in Sussex, England. Read on…

Bob Gelsthorpe

Artist/ Co Director at B I T Studios, Cardiff. Read on…

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Reviewers by last name »