Short residential courses . Bronze casting, Wax sketching & Sculpture

WHO: Anyone over 16 years, interested in creating their own bronze metal casting, mouldmaking and steel sculpture.

WHAT: Various new courses throughout 2011 in Bronze sculpture casting, Bronze bowl casting, Steel sculpture, Resin casting and silicon rubber moulding.

WHEN: Residential Courses are either 5 or 4 full days dependent upon course, various dates throughout 2011. Acommodation on site in the s/c studio cottage or nearby in B&B

CHARGES: Varies with course starting at 250

DETAILS: A4A Art for Architecture sculpture studio, is run by John McKenna, a professional public artist for over 20 years. The Bronze courses will have a MAXIMUM of x4 PERSONS/course, to enable an intensive learning experience, lots of individual attention with 'hands on' practical involvement in the casting process. Fully Insured.

Deadline: 28 February 2011 ** Deadline expired**

Organiser/employer: John McKenna

[ Added on 19 January 2011 ]


No payment
Charge made to applicant
Experience required:
No previous experience
Students eligible:
UK - Turnberry, Girvan

Deadline expired