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November 2010

Studio and workshop facilities profiled in 'Space to create'; 'Partners in art' looks art local authority arts organisers needs; artists Bruce Gilchrist and Jo Joelson and curator Emma Underhill discuss the Spontaneous City in the Trees of Heaven project in Collaborative relationships; Debate is 'State of practice' by Rich White; plus Reviews, Snapshot and News.

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Creative ecologies

Two north west projects are creating links between artists, artist-led groups and creative communities. Subscribers read on…

News, October 2010

Emotional learning

Iniva and A Space have produced a new set of Emotional Learning Cards, following the success of the first set 'What do you feel?'. Subscribers read on…

News, October 2010

Re:Thinking Trade

During its time as a hardware store, Rapid was proud to be the only independent to take up the entire street. Subscribers read on…

News, October 2010

Rethinking curating

One of the things that makes digital media so exciting is that they problematise many naturalised systems and spaces of communication. Subscribers read on…

News, October 2010

Strength in numbers

Turning point, Visual Arts UK, CultureForum, NALGAO - these are just some of the burgeoning peer networks for arts professionals that have been proactive and visible in the arts funding debates. Subscribers read on…

News, October 2010

The Photographers' Gallery closed for one year

The Photographers' Gallery officially closed its doors to the public for one year on 19 September 2010 to "embark on our ambitious development of the building, creating a new, international home for photography in the UK". Subscribers read on…

News, October 2010


State Of Practice

A large gap exists today between the reality of being an artist and the image of The Artist which is portrayed by history and media, and perceived by the general public. Rich White asks what do artists actually do for society, how can they help with regeneration, particularly in a time of recession, and what is its real value? Subscribers read on…

Comment, October 2010


Dean Knight: Modern Sculpture

Project Space 11
Plymouth 8 - 25 September Subscribers read on…

Review, October 2010

For the Birds

Site Gallery, Sheffield
11 September - 30 October Subscribers read on…

Review, October 2010

Hydrarchy: Power and Resistance at Sea

Gasworks, London
18 September - 7 November Subscribers read on…

Review, October 2010

The Shape of Things

Flow, London
9 September - 6 November 2010 Subscribers read on…

Review, October 2010


Henry Moore Institute, Leeds
30 September - 2 January Subscribers read on…

Review, October 2010

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