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Alex Gene Morrison at Fishmarket

Alex Gene Morrison, ‘Attack’, 2006.oil on canvas

Alex Gene Morrison, ‘Attack’, 2006.
oil on canvas

Residents of Northampton are getting the chance to see the work of AIR member Alex Gene Morrison in his first solo show outside of London.

For ‘Adrift’ Morrison employs both paint and digital media to describe a future wilderness inhabited by bored and confused alien life-forms. At times the characters in Morrison’s paintings resemble the spectre of Death himself; while at others they resemble the cutsie neon forms ubiquitous on kids TV, like baby Yodi desperately searching for some kind on entertainment.

Morrison has begun to bleach his palate almost completely, rendering each work as if blinded by a flash of nuclear light. However, in his animations of flying skulls, soaring missiles and vomiting insects, all set to pulsating music, Morrison gorges himself in a kaleidoscope of colours and techno-acid butchery.

Morrison jointly founded and ran the artist-led gallery Rockwell in Dalston, East London, that will shortly be shutting its’ doors for good. He graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2002 and is a full-time lecturer of painting at Guilds of London Art School.

First published: June 2007

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