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A co-operative of artists, designers and curators living and working in Edinburgh, creating a risk-taking arena for debate, work and argument, all member artists, both emergent and established, are supported and encouraged. The gallery shows monthly exhibitions and works in a powerful dialectic with Forest, a project, cafe, and free event space, that provides the operational funding. Committee members rotate every two years, and are selected from over 200 members who review submissions, develop projects, run workshops, organise a speaker series and slide bank. Totalkunst has an e-group that is open to all and provides opportunities and discussions for artists to network.

Edinburgh, UK;

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Suitcase Series [ 20 August 2009 ]

TotalKunst are inviting proposals for the project “Suitcase Series” that plays with notions of distance, space, location, interpretation and interaction.  Read full listing…

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