Who can apply: a-n Artist members, Joint (Artist and Arts Organiser) members.
What: 65+ bursaries between £500 – £1,000.
When: Activity taking place between 1 April – 31 December 2018.
Deadline for applications: 3pm, Monday 12 February 2018.

NB due to a disruption to a-n.co.uk earlier today the deadline is now extended to 4pm, Monday 12 February 2018


a-n is offering 65+ bursaries of £500 – £1,000 to Artist members wishing to undertake a self-determined schedule of professional development in 2018. We know that targeted funding at the right time in an artist’s career can make all the difference – so why not put together a plan to make things happen for you in 2018?

a-n Artist Bursaries provide money for artists to develop their practice by establishing self-determined professional development activity that responds to their unique needs. Now in its sixth year, the bursaries programme has previously enabled artists to learn new skills, undertake mentoring, curatorial critique, travel within or outside of the UK to research, attend conferences, build networks or collaboration, or a combination of these things. a-n encourages innovative and ambitious thinking focused around what would make the most significant difference for you.

In 2017 Professional Development and Travel bursaries were awarded to 67 artists including: Jack Welsh, Lucy Harvey, Laurence Payot, Tabitha Moses, Susan Stockwell, Madi Boyd, Sarah Farmer, Leonie Stanton, Deniol Williams and Lauren Curl. Bursary outcomes included research into environmentally responsible screen printing in Mexico, learning self-publishing and book-binding skills, work in collaboration with Cambridge University neuroscientists, artist-to-artist mentoring, working with professional photographers to learn how to document artwork, mid-career mentoring with curators and establishing an artist-parent support network.

Since 2013 a-n has awarded over £275,000 to over 330 artist members through these bursaries.

The selection panel is Hannah Pierce, External Programme and Partnerships Manager, a-n; Gillian Nicol, Director of Digital and Online Content, a-n; Glen Stoker, artist and member of a-n’s AIR Council, and Lucy Day, Independent Curator.

Deadline for applicants: 3pm, Monday 12 February 2018.

NB due to a disruption to a-n.co.uk earlier today the deadline is now extended to 4pm, Monday 12 February 2018

How to apply

Applications are submitted via this form: www.a-n.co.uk/apply-for-a-bursary

You must be logged in to your a-n membership to access the form. Only current Artist and Joint (Artist and Arts Organiser) members can apply. The form is available until 3pm Monday 12 February 2018.

You will be asked for the following:

  • Your contact details
  • A concise description of your proposed bursary activity (up to 50 words)
  • Amount applied for (between £500 and £1000)
  • An outline of your budget (up to 200 words)
  • An outline of project timeline (up to 200 words)
  • Why is the opportunity provided by this bursary crucial to your artistic and professional development? (up to 350 words)
  • What do you think you might achieve from it? (up to 200 words)
  • How might your peer network benefit from your participation in the bursary activity? (up to 200 words)
  • Contact details of an established artist or arts professional who knows your practice well enough to recommend you for this bursary.
  • Upload of your current CV (in pdf format) and link to your website, online portfolio or other means of viewing your work online.
  • Equality and Diversity monitoring information (this information is separated, anonymised and does not form part of the selection process).

You can save the form mid process and return to it – you must save the link you are provided with and can email the link to yourself. You will receive a confirmation email when you have successfully submitted your application.

Whilst we can’t respond to requests for advice in shaping applications if you need to contact us email [email protected]

Further information

1. Who can apply?

Current a-n Artist and Joint (Artist and Arts Organiser) members with a UK bank account. Become a member here.

2. What can be supported?

  • Learning new skills or professional training in the studio, on courses or elsewhere.
  • Mentoring and coaching.
  • Research costs for a new project, way of working or collaboration.
  • Projects that do not have a tangible outcome.
  • Attending conferences or events.
  • Associated national or international travel costs accommodation and subsistence.
  • Contribution to caring costs and any access needs.

Bursary activity need not be limited to the above examples. We are open to considering any ideas that constitute a self-determined professional development opportunity.

The bursary can be used as part-funding for a larger project, however the a-n artist bursary must be used towards a complete activity that will be completed before 31 December 2018 regardless of other funders’ decisions. Eg. The a-n Artist Bursary could cover research and development activity while the artist seeks further funding for production costs.

3. How much can be applied for?

Bursary amounts can be between £500 – £1,000.

a-n will consider bursaries of up to £1,000 towards projects that have a total value over £1000. If other finances are being used toward the activity this should be made clear in the application eg if the artist is contributing to further costs.

4. What is the selection process?

Bursary applicants will be reviewed against the following criteria:

  • The impact the activity will have on the applicants practice and continuing professional development
  • The need for support – is the applicant able to realise this activity without this bursary?
  • The feasibility of the activity with the stated budget and timeline.

The selection panel is Hannah Pierce, External Programme and Partnerships Manager, a-n; Gillian Nicol, Director of Digital and Online Content, a-n, Glen Stoker, artist and member of a-n’s AIR Council, and Lucy Day, Independent Curator.

Applicants will hear back if their submission have been successful or unsuccessful by mid-March 2018.

5. Why do a-n offer bursaries?

a-n Artist Bursaries aim to:

  • Support artists’ practice and ongoing professional development.
  • Enable artists to self-determine and tailor professional development to their needs.
  • Support experimentation, innovation and ambitious learning that can be shared with the wider membership.
  • Provide artists with much needed financial support for activity that might not be eligible for other funding.

6. What can’t be supported?

  • Application from students on an undergraduate course.
  • Applications from artists within 24 months of completing an undergraduate course.
  • Applications from artists who received a Travel or Professional Development bursary from a-n in 2016 or 2017.
  • Applications from artists who received a Venice/Documenta Bursary from a-n in 2017.
  • Applications from artists without a current a-n Artist or Joint (Artist and Arts Organiser) membership.
  • Applications from members who do not have a UK bank account.
  • Applications from ‘Arts Organiser’ members.
  • Applications made only for the purchase or materials and equipment, however this could be included as part of a broader application.
  • Applications that fund the production/fabrication of work made solely for an exhibition, art fair or sale, however this could be one element of a broader application.
  • Activity starting before 1 April 2018 or ending after 31 December 2018.
  • Applications where the activity is dependent on further fundraising beyond the a-n bursary to be realised.
  • Any incomplete applications or applications received after the deadline of 3pm Monday 12 February 2018.

7. Conditions and notes

  • In submitting an application, you confirm that you meet the eligibility criteria (See Further information ‘Who can apply’) and are not excluded by any of the exclusions (See Further information ‘What Can’t Be Supported?’).
  • In order to preserve as much money for bursaries, a-n can’t respond to requests for advice in shaping applications.
  • We advise you to not leave submitting your application to the last day.
  • The decision to award or not is at the discretion of a-n The Artists Information Company.
  • Bursaries come with an obligation to produce a blog about activity carried out to share learning and progress with the artists’ community on a-n.co.uk/blogs. Blogs can be completed by text, video, audio and/or images.
  • By accepting a bursary offer you commit to taking part in evaluation of the bursary programme and providing feedback following activity completion.
  • Activity must be completed by the end of December 2018.
  • Members will only be able to accept one a-n member opportunity each in 2018. If you receive an offer from us and have further applications pending we will manage this process with you on an individual basis.

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