Opportunity now closed to applications – deadline has passed

Who can apply: a-n Artist members, Joint (Artist and Arts Organiser) members, Arts Organiser members.
What: 3 x 1 hour fully subsidised coaching sessions with an accredited coach.
When: Coaching sessions will start in September 2018 and take place over 3-6 months. It is for you and your coach to decide when each session takes place.
Deadline for applications: 11am, Monday 23 July 2018.


The a-n Coaching programme is a new strand of professional development support for a-n members. Since 2016, a-n has trained 20 Artist and Arts Organiser members as accredited coaches through our Visual Arts Coaching Course in partnership with RD1st. We are now working with these accredited coaches to offer the benefits of coaching to the wider a-n membership.

Coaching sessions are offered remotely, with contact either by phone or video call, making sessions flexible and accessible. Each of the 3 sessions will last 1 hour and will be undertaken over 3-6 months.

What is coaching?

Coaching provides a safe, confidential, developmental space within which to explore specific issues (either known, or as they arise), aspirations and challenges. Coaching concentrates on where we are now and what we are willing to do to get to where we want to be in the future. This process is supported by the coach’s interventions, support and application of the coaching process.

In each session, the participant identifies the focus of conversation, while the coach listens, reflects and questions. Coaches will not evaluate, judge, offer unsolicited advice or set targets for you. Your coach trusts that you are your own best resource. Coaching can help bring vital support to those seeking change, a shift in gear and renewed focus.

All a-n coaches work within the visual arts sector and are trained and accredited by Relational Dynamics 1st through a-n’s Visual Arts Coaching Course.

Areas that you might want to explore through coaching include:

  • Develop leadership skills, define the leadership qualities that are crucial to your success
  • Reignite your personal or organisational focus and culture
  • Enhance performance and effectiveness
  • Strengthen and build personal and professional relationships
  • Improve communication, both interpersonal and professional
  • Facilitate a career change
  • Challenge and break repeat patterns in work or life
  • Increase self-awareness, confidence and resilience

Coaching can provide a space to:

  • Develop new perspectives through exploration, curiosity and a questioning of attitudes
  • Identify areas for change and improvement
  • Respond effectively to challenges
  • Apply the insights and learning from one situation to another
  • Reignite plans and vision
  • Grow and strengthen confidence and resilience
  • Increase motivation
  • Improve decision making

While undertaking coaching can be valuable at any stage of your professional development, coaching may be better suited if you are further along in your career to support you in developing insight, strategies, and enhanced performance around specific tasks or behaviours.

If you are able to identify specific needs you want to explore in depth, this is a good starting point for coaching. If you feel you are at the stage of needing knowledge and advice, then mentoring may be more appropriate (see below).

Deadline for applications: 11am, Monday 23 July 2018.

In addition to a-n Coaching, we are also offering a year-long a-n Mentoring 2018 programme which is also open for applications from a-n Artist members, Joint (Artist and Arts Organiser) members, and Arts Organiser members.

Mentoring and coaching are sometimes discussed as though they are interchangeable, but this isn’t the case. To help understand which might be the best fit for you, find out more about the benefits and differences between mentoring and coaching in a-n’s Resource guide Coaching or mentoring: which is right for you?

How to apply

Applications are submitted via this form: www.a-n.co.uk/form/apply-for-coaching/

You must be logged in to access the form.

Only current Artist, Joint (Artist and Arts Organiser) and Arts Organiser members can apply. The form is available until 11am, Monday 23 July 2018.

You will be asked for the following:

  • Your contact details.
  • A short statement about your artistic practice (up to 150 words).
  • Why is taking part in this programme critical to your artistic and professional development? (up to 150 words)
  • Why is now the right time for you to take part in this coaching programme? (up to 150 words)
  • What do you hope to achieve through coaching sessions? (up to 150 words)
  • To upload your current CV (in pdf format) and link to your website.
  • Equality and diversity monitoring information (this information is separated, anonymised and does not form part of the selection process).

You can save the form mid process and return to it – you must save the link you are provided with and can email the link to yourself.

You will not be provided with a copy of the final application after it is submitted so we recommend you save your own copy.

Further information

1. Who can apply?

Current a-n Artist, Joint (Artist and Arts Organiser) and Artist Organiser members. Become an a-n member here.

a-n members are welcome to apply for both the a-n Coaching and Mentoring opportunities, but will only be offered one place.

2. What is the selection process?

Applicants will be reviewed against the following criteria:

  • The impact coaching will have on the applicant’s practice and continuing professional development.
  • The need for support. Is this the right time for the applicant to benefit significantly from coaching?
  • Does the applicant have clear goals for the coaching programme?

Applicants will hear back if their submission has been successful or unsuccessful by the end of August 2018.

3. Why does a-n offer coaching?

a-n Coaching and Mentoring opportunities aim to:

  • Support artists’ practice and ongoing professional development.
  • Enable artists to self-determine and tailor professional development to their needs.
  • Maintain and develop a more diverse, engaged and resilient professional membership.

4. What can’t be supported?

  • Applications from students on an undergraduate course.
  • Applications from artists without a current a-n membership.
  • Applications from members who have accepted an a-n Artist Bursary 2018, a-n Biennial Bursary 2018, or a place on the a-n Visual Arts Coaching Course in 2016, 2017 or 2018.
  • Any incomplete applications or applications received after the deadline of 11am, Monday 23 July 2018.
  • Any joint or collective applications, coaching applications should only be for one individual applicant.

5. Conditions and notes:

  • In submitting an application, you confirm that you meet the eligibility criteria (See ‘Who can apply’ and ‘What Can’t Be Supported?’ above).
  • a-n cannot respond to requests for advice in shaping applications.
  • We advise not leaving the sending of your application to the last day.
  • The decision to award or not is at the discretion of a-n The Artists Information Company.
  • Accepting an offer of mentoring comes with the obligation to commit to three x 1 hour sessions during the programme. a-n will share guidance for coaches and coachees to all successful applicants to clarify expectations and boundaries for the sessions.
  • Successful applicants will be asked to complete a short survey prior to the sessions beginning in order to set a baseline for evaluation.
  • By accepting a bursary offer you commit to taking part in evaluation of the bursary programme and providing feedback following activity completion.
  • Members will only be able to accept one a-n member opportunity each in 2018.
  • All conversations between a-n members and coaches will be treated privately.

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