Who: a-n individual members (Artists, Arts organisers and Joint)

When: 6 day programme (two blocks of three days) with additional 2 days for accreditation. 3-5 May, 14-16 June, with accreditation on 6 and 7 July, 10am-5pm each day except last day of each module where aim to end 4.30pm.

Where: Lancaster, UK

What: 12 fully funded places on a-n Coaching Programme with RD1st in summer 2017. Plus an a-n travel, accommodation and childcare bursary (up to £400).

Details: Many in the cultural sector have benefited from coaching for personal insight and practice development, but there are few affordable coaches working in the visual arts. As part of a-n’s commitment to supporting artists’ livelihoods, we supported 4 artists through coaching accreditation with training experts RD1st last year. Their experiences gave a strong indication of the positive impact coaching can have on artists’ practice and potential, and on the benefits it could have within their extended professional networks. Building on this, we’re running the first ever dedicated a-n coaching accreditation programme this summer – a completely unique offer in the visual arts.

“It’ s excellent!!! It is proving to be a pretty intensive learning experience, with lots of new skills developing and new avenues to explore. I am currently booking in a number of free sessions with arts practitioners in my network, which I’m sure people are going to find useful,” Rachel Dobbs.

“The first session a month ago was amazing. It’s a great group of people and the a-n crowd are putting in a great contribution. It’s very intense indeed, and turns thinking totally inside out, but in a very positive way,” Steve Dutton.

Relational Dynamics 1st is an exceptional organisation that specialises in training people from all professions and backgrounds to be coaches. Coaching is a supportive, challenging and dedicated framework to enable ‘extraordinary thinking’ with those that are being coached – as individuals or in groups.

a-n asks that in return for the fully funded course and (travel, childcare and accommodation) bursary, that recipients commit to: share their experience of coaching with a-n and its members through an a-n blog or other agreed means; deliver 8 free coaching sessions (usually four sessions for two people) to artists within their peer or studio network following accreditation during their first year as a coach.

Priority will be given to applicants who:
– are clearly motivated by coaching for their own professional development and as a means of augmenting their income to support their art practice
– are clearly motivated to play a pivotal and developmental role in their own artist peer networks
– have a proven peer network that might benefit from access to them as a coach.

Course content and approach: The RD1st accredited coaching course, is a highly interactive, practice-based programme covering an eclectic mix of skills, theory and investigation relating to coaching, relational dynamics and leadership. Current theories are presented to be discussed, debated and explored.

The course is equally suitable for those wishing to explore one-to-one coaching, action learning sets, to enhance leadership, mentoring and facilitation skills and/or utilise coaching skills in the workplace or in day-to-day interactions.

Through the inherent course process of coaching others and being coached, greater self-awareness is achieved through an exploration of aspiration, beliefs, values, emotional intelligence and your relational dynamics with others.

Aspects of the course include: key coaching skills, active listening, trust, personal leadership, values, enhanced self-awareness, models from NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), clean language techniques, advanced goal setting, strategies for change, action learning sets, negotiation skills, effective enquiry, NVC (non-violent communication), language of precision, dealing with difficult conversations, emotional intelligence, ethics and the giving and receiving of feedback.

All course participants are expected to work within the boundaries of the course code of ethics of which confidentiality forms a critical part.

Accreditation: To achieve accreditation, you will be expected to complete the following:

Written Submissions

  • A comprehensive case study (500-1000 words)
  • A discourse on a specific topic relating to coaching and leadership (500 – 750)

Practice Hours

  • A proven delivery of a series of coaching sessions (5 x 50 mins minimum)
  • A proven experience of being coached (5 x 50 mins minimum)
  • You will be paired up with a course partner to achieve the above.
  • A one hour coaching session with someone not on the course.

Live Assessment

  • You will coach a fellow member of the course and be assessed by either Deborah Barnard or another RD1st accredited coach.

Length of course and daily timings: The course runs over a period of 6 days split into two modules of three days each, and an accreditation process (Module 3) of a further 2 days with the ‘live’ assessment scheduled for day 8. Each module has a month in between allowing for further study and coaching practice.

Each training day will run from 10.00am – 5.00pm with a morning and afternoon break plus 1 hour for lunch.

Apply: Send the following 3 pdf files to [email protected] with ‘a-n Coaching course with RD1st’ in the email header:

  1. Your application form saved as a pdf (with your name first in the title eg Freda_Bloggs_Coaching_Course_Application)
  2. Your up-to-date CV including links to relevant websites (in 1 pdf file, with your name first in the title eg Freda_Bloggs_CV)
  3. A completed equality and diversity monitoring form (in 1 pdf file with your name first in the title eg Freda_Bloggs_EDform)

Deadline: 5pm on Tuesday 28 February 2017