Artists Council is essential to a-n activities and direction. In the past two years Artists Council members have been involved in the Paying Artists campaign, attended international conferences such as the International Artists Association in Brussels, developed projects for a-n members, took part in research, and attended key art events such as Venice Biennale and Documenta.

What kind of artists are we looking for?
To ensure broad representation, we’re looking for artists with a wide range of experience including:

Diverse artform experience including but not limited to: installation, multi-media, painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, film, craft and applied art, performance, curatorial and participatory practices.

Diverse geographical experience from remote and rural to large urban centres and from across the whole of the UK. We are particularly keen to ensure representation from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Diverse age range, emerging and established artists, including artists who’ve experienced disabling barriers, artists from different ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds, LGBTQI+ artists, and artists with diverse caring responsibilities.

Diverse experience of different areas of the arts ecology is very welcome, including but not limited to:

  • Visual arts higher education and the needs of art students
  • Academic research and post-graduate study
  • Artist-led group activity and self-organisation
  • Artists’ studio or workshop provision
  • Artists’ activism or campaigning
  • Working with public or commercial galleries
  • Working with museums and/or heritage sector
  • Working with health, well-being or participatory arts
  • Working with public or private commissions.

What kind of skills does an Artists Council member need?

We’re looking for artists with a variety of skills. Some of which are included below, but we’re also aware there are other people out there who’ll have something unique to offer.

  • Artists with an open and constructive approach, keen to collaborate and work with other artists to make a difference together.
  • We rely on Artists Council members having a wide network of artists, organisations and/or arts communities to keep us in touch and informed about current issues and activities in different places.
  • Artists Council members are often called on to lead and we welcome artists who have ambition to step up and understand the value of leadership in the arts sector and beyond.
  • Artists Council members attend activities and events that can be reported on to a-n membership and the wider arts community.
  • Artists Council members are sometimes called on to speak at events on behalf of a-n and its members.
  • Artists Council members can also be asked to engage with a-n’s social media through takeovers and blogging.

How to apply:
See information pack below for further information on the role of Artists Council, what it involves and the kind of projects and initiatives that Artists Council leads on behalf of a-n. The pack also includes details of how to apply, benefits of being a member of Artists Council, payments, and background information about a-n The Artists Information Company.
The deadline for receipt of applications is 12 noon Monday 11 February 2019.

Eligibility: to apply you must be an Artist member or Joint (Artist + Arts organiser) member of a-n The Artists Information Company or be willing to become a member if selected.

a-n Artists Council Recruitment Information Pack

Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form

Guaranteed Interview Form