When people think about performing artists, they tend to imagine a life of fame, glamour and riches. However, for the vast majority, their chosen profession is a precarious and unstable one, offering a fluctuating, and often inadequate, income. Irregular and unpredictable employment opportunities, atypical contractual relationships and lack of control over working conditions, mean that safeguarding the Status of the Artist is vital in order for a career as a performer to be viable. In the current climate, trends towards greater ‘flexibility’ and mobility threaten the livelihood of performing artists.

“The word ‘status’ signifies, on the one hand, the regard accorded to artists, in a society […] and, on the other hand, recognition of the liberties and rights, including moral, economic and social rights, which artists should enjoy.”

The five key policy recommendations focus on Changes in legal frameworks and employment rights, support for artists’ mobility, protection of intellectual property and involvement in decision-making.

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