The third a-n Assembly event for 2018 took place at the Unit 6 Vision Building in Dundee and explored the idea of ‘cultural outposts’ and the challenges and advantages these offer for sustained artist-led practice. ‘Scotland’s first design museum’ V&A Dundee had opened in the city the previous month.

Dundee is a city in transition. Industrial buildings surrounding V&A Dundee are being converted into luxury hotels or demolished to make way for high end housing, and the city is undergoing a period of intense cultural and architectural change. With much of the city’s cultural strategy currently focusing on Dundee’s population as its target audience, artists are calling for the city to also support grassroots artistic production, critique and dialogue as part of a healthy and sustainable community.

Programmed in collaboration with artist Joanna Helfer, Assembly Dundee offered a platform to discuss the impact these changes have had on the local arts ecology, and presented a range of responses by artists and organisations from areas around the UK that have undergone similar transformations.

Using Dundee as a starting point, the day-long event combined discussions, presentations and practical hands-on workshops to explore meaningful ways to live, work and connect in challenging places.

Read Robyn Woolston’s report Assembly Dundee: “We’re collaborating, and it works – there is a precious dynamic that is important for us” and look out for a series of videos, sharing discussion from the day, coming soon.