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Louise (The International Institute for Important Items) tells a story about a neolithic site in France – perhaps Brittany – where the stones, similar to these, were used to build a road. Natassa and Tim listen.


map reading 54.859239°N 4.309579°


Rhubaba research trip to Cairnholy to meet with and learn from Cairnholy Joe.


Approaching Cairn Holy from the west. Being led by Joe. He asks our first thoughts and points towards Wigtown Bay.




Wigtown Bay from a position of between here and there (in dramatic light)


Experts never say maybe or maybe
experts sometimes say maybe.



Thoughts on accuracy and knowing



We wonder what is here? (with movement)


Faith in long shadows at Cairnholy


How hands can help teach (here I am, here I stay)


we drift and remember other times when questions were not easily answered sometimes we guess and sometimes we think about dinner



The Crown Inn
109-111 High Street, Biggar


  • Situated Learning – Legitimate Peripheral Participation
    Jean Lave, Etienne Wenger
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