After a few weeks of time off from the internship due to a house move, holidays, e.t.c. I was back at Glen Finglas to finalise the audio interpretation work for the internship project.

The blackbox device had been sent off to the manufacturers to get re-programmed in the hope that this may solve the technical problems with uploading sounds which were encountered previously. After some trepidation, two computers and three USB sticks later, Gwen and I finally managed to get the sounds works uploaded! *clapping, cheering, whay hay, whoops*!

We decided on an order for the tracks based upon the upcoming season – Autumn. For this we also used the sound qualities of each piece to provide a variety of sound combinations. E.g. a piece with water is followed on by a piece with walking and we have a variety of different voices featuring for each piece. Once we had the order finalised it was time to install the Blackbox device on site near Little Druim Woods.

After the installation we checked the volume levels on the device to make sure that the tracks could be heard at the listening post area. This was vital as the listening post is situated near a road and it was a concern that traffic noise would affect the audibility of the sound work. I had increased the volume levels as I edited the work to compensate for this perceived issue and I was thankful that I did so as we were able to hear the sound work clearly, even with the traffic noise.

The nitty gritty: The Blackbox device can hold up to 8 tracks in mp3 format. These are installed via a specially provided USB stick and adapter which plugs into the device. All tracks are installed on the device indefinitely and these can be changed as required. A track is selected by turning the dial and power is provided by a dynamo. Once you’ve chosen your track, simply wind up the dynamo until your track plays.

Now it was time for a celebratory cup of tea and a well earned dog walk through the glen with Nacho (who had been waiting patiently all morning).