2017, Untitled (1), 150cm x 100cm, acrylic, watercolour, emulsion and pencil on paper.

I continue to develop my earlier ‘dot-style’ to form paintings that, to borrow a quote from John Hoyland, ‘Become simple through a synthesis.’

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21/11/17: a selection of images from a long walk through the capital, placing 50 paintings (from a hand-made series of 101) around various parts of the city.


I recently finished a draft of my first novel.  A few people have read it and so far the feedback has been very positive.  Below is a short synopsis and a link to Part One.


Adrift in Amnesia is a modern day fairy tale about an understated boy, who takes a magical journey with a wizard and challenges the demon tormenting his mother. She has been experiencing on-going mental health difficulties as a result of past traumas. During his journey, he realises a sense of inner courage and becomes part of saving the magical world from its own threats to destroy it from within.

It is set in three places, which form metaphors for different states of Being: a rundown coastal town called Chelmswood, the magical land of Cabras and a moorland village called St. Mary’s. Chelmswood embodies a state of trauma and melancholy. Cabras forms the spiritual plane we travel to when confronting the challenge to liberate ourselves from oppression and St. Mary’s represents a tangible place we aim to get to – both in ourselves and in our surrounding world.

The story is partly inspired by Nietzsche’s ‘Three Metamorphoses of the Spirit’, which was the first chapter from his book ‘Thus Spake Zarathustra.’ It centres on Jacob and his mother, Molly, as they both go through similar stages of Nietzsche’s ‘load-bearing camel’ (Chelmswood), followed by ‘the lion’ that leads us to courage (Cabras – a sort of utopia, albeit a fragile one, where Jacob travels to when his mother is admitted to hospital) and finally ‘the child,’ closer to nature and where we look upon the world again with fresh eyes (St. Mary’s). Much of it is also based on lived experiences of mental health – both personal and professional – and real people and events inspired many of the characters.

‘For centuries, the magical world of Cabras has been secretly observing and visiting our planet, via a thaumaturgic passageway known as the ‘Mysterium Vortex.’  A utopian land that lies across the distant stars at the heart of the Aurea Spiralis, which has long established a peaceful unity through the aid and ancient wisdom of its many dragons.  It is a place that desperately hopes to help Earth achieve a similar state of harmony.  Their watchful eyes send messages to a select few holding the virtues of honesty, creativity and love deep in their souls to embark on a journey of profound self-discovery.  However, all is not what it seems and the Professor and the Oracle are concerned about a threat to destroy the unity of their beautiful world from within.  As the demon captures his mother, a young boy would find himself entering the Cave with a mysterious companion, who together become destined to face their fears.  From being stuck in the drab existence of a rundown coastal town, Molly and Jacob would soon see their fates entwined with a spiritual calling from beyond the constellations.’

Adrift in Amnesia – Part One: Aurea Spiralis can be read here.

© Copyright Christopher Sharp, 2017.  All rights reserved.


A little Dada-esque in tone, my second short film is taken from a poem I wrote about 8 years ago while working the night shift in a care home.  I had multiple ideas for shots, but I liked the silliness of a laptop around the face as suggesting certain technologies pull the wool over our eyes and in the end I felt a single take worked best.  The soundtrack is from Robocop for the ZX Spectrum, which I found online and thought it sounded suitably “hipstery” and ridiculous.

Thinkin’ All Pomo in the AM can be watched here.

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Thinkin’ All Pomo in the AM

Everything is simulated
Via the simulated
Repeatedly simulated
Via the simulated
To form a whole through which
Everything becomes disconnected
Via the Connected.

© Christopher Sharp