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I have been busy with other things this week and was keen to get back into the studio yesterday and finish of some of the #Collage50 works in progress – but I started yet another one! Today I finished it off and made good progress with some others. So this is number 7 of 50 Collages Before Christmas. It is based round some photos I took on the wavecut platform on the foreshore at Roedean, East of Brighton Marina. I used to visit friends in Brighton years ago when I was still at art school – and before the Marina claimed my favourite section of the coast there! Quite a bit of two- and three-dimensional work I did in my final 2 years was inspired by that beach and it has continued  to spawn work ever since. For 12 or more years I have been toying with the idea of a major project I have titled “Tidelines” where I examine 7 of my long-loved sections of coast to see what it is in those places that makes them so special for me and compare them to 7 beaches places that I had never visited before to see if any of those places can be made special, or just become special to me. Brighton and Roedean beaches form one of those 7 long-term important places.

Don’t play with your memories, dear is the largest collage I have ever created at over 1m wide. Some might argue that the installation of #Letter365 in the Allsop Gallery, Bridport, at 33m long should count as a collage but the envelopes were not permanently affixed so I say not. Strangely, when I put it up to photograph it didn’t seem twice the size of the first ones in the series. I think I want to sork even larger!


When I started the project 50 Collages Before Christmas I knew there would be times I would be too busy to guarantee a collage each day so gave myself plenty of leeway. One of those times has been this week when I have been setting up my exhibition “Squares, Rings and Hidden Things” at the Sugar Cube Gallery as well as fitting in a visit to London. Please don’t think that the hiatus in posting new collages marks the fizzling out of the project – I have 4 large and 3 medium-sized collages in progress in the studio and I am pretty sure when I get back there this afternoon I’ll be able to finish off at least one. Certainly 3 or 4 of them will make the grade in time!

The image above is one of my new series of drawings on show 7 November – 21 December at Sugar Cube Gallery, The Courtyard, Bowdens Farm, HAMBRIDGE, Somerset TA10 0BP Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm