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I finished off a couple of collages to my satisfaction today and there’s another that I’m “sitting with” and may also be finished. Otto Lilienthal makes a return in 8/50 Keep an eye on Otto (above). I have a soft spot for this early pioneer of human flight and he appeared many times in the year of #Collage365. I love the shapes of his various craft and the nobility of his efforts.

There’s Possibly No Way To Say This (below) is No9 in the series and is comprised completely of photographic elements: my own photos, discarded prints from a photographer friend and material stolen from the web.

I also started a couple more pieces and it has been interesting how one piece in particular has taken a life of its own and the accidental proximity of a photograph near to the first stages of this work has sent me in a very different direction. Now I am in a quandry – do I make the piece as planned (which I know will work) or go with the new direction? I could attempt to do both but will be unable to exactly replicate the preparation so far. I’m excited to see what happens tomorrow!