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I have a history with black squares and with lines – hand drawn but not ruled, sometimes less straight than I could easily make them – and with photos of lines. I don’t have a history with clips of nails, but found this little cluster in the car park at the studio. I carried it arround for a few weeks, a pocket companion that reminded me of the pebbles and objects Samuel Becket’s character Malone caried in his pockets “And those of which were I wearied, or which were ousted by new loves, I threw away, that is to say I cast around for a place to lay themwhere they would be at peace forever, and no one ever find them short of an extraordinary hazard, and such places are few and far between, and I laid them there.” I on the other hand cemented this to a board and post it for all to see. But that’s ok. It’s not as if, like Malone’s “hard shapely objects” it had become my friend!