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I’m really getting behind on posting about this project – I am not even keeping up with production on Twitter! The main reason is the lack of light and the lack of time. The images are really bad because winter days like today are like twilight all day and the only way I can take decent images is to set up photographic lights in the studio and set up the tripod and just now I don’t have the time or the space! So I am having to just make the best I can of phonesnappery!

Number 30 of 50 Collages Before Christmas, “Like Isis” has nothing to do with Islamic State nor really much to do with the Egyptian deity! The words popped into my head as my hands were fiddling with black ovals and they stuck. Now, the words appeared when listening to Red Snapper’s Making Bones CD and may actually be words from one of the songs but I have not listened again to check and it is music I often sing along to with the wrong words! Anyway, the piece is really about the Jurassic Coast and the continual erosion of the fossil rich cliffs. Here be dragons!