First view of the Mill
We first viewed Yore  Mill in January 2021 after seeing the lease for sale on the Craft Shop.

I had taken redundancy from teaching, having been an Art Teacher since ’87, my partner found that due to Covid19 he was expected to work from home and figured, “Well, Home can be anywhere”

So, after looking at various businesses for sale he found the Craft Shop advertised, we immediately knew that this was The One.

Within a week a business plan had been drawn up and we arranged to view.

We travelled during Lockdown 1 to see a business that was being in effect wound down. Our minds were going into overdrive as we started to discuss the possibilities.

We planned to develop the shop into a gallery showcasing local artists and makers. By June 21 we were making those plans a reality.


A Before and After

We could see the potential in the building and loved the space. We moved in in June and opened the gallery on 17th July. It was quite hard to get the work done in the time but we managed to prepare the walls to create more hanging space, taking out shelving and cladding benchtops and removing dark drapery.

The space is looking brighter and more contemporary and more open and spacious. We have completed two rooms, now starting to work on the third.

We also have a studio space that will be used as an art studio and workshop space which is being worked on as well.