Mark Devereux Projects work with artists to advance their respective practices and careers by providing high-quality, tailored professional development; they launched their intensive programme called StudioBook in 2015.


This fabulous opportunity for early to mid-career artists, delivers seminars, workshops and one-to-one mentoring sessions.


I was honoured & completely chuffed to have been selected for the 2017 StudioBook. The quality of my fellow selectees is extremely high and (already) inspiring. There are twelve of us in total. We are:

  • Jilly Morris
  • Anna Columbine
  • Charlie Franklin 
  • Clare Holdstock
  • Claire Tindale
  • Elizabeth Kwant
  • Lada Wilson 
  • Libby Scarlett
  • Lucy May Schofield
  • Mandy Payne
  • Susan Gunn 
  • Suzanne O’Haire

I confess the nerves are beginning to kick in. Its one week to go before jumping on a train to Manchester (a place I have never visited before). I’m looking forward to meeting all the artists and sharing our experiences together. I know also there is a lot of work to be done on Studiobook….and that’s what it’s all about, an intensive time of learning and pushing our boundaries. It can at times be so isolating working as an artist so I’m really looking forward to engaging with others again.


I have already taken inspiration looking at the other attending artist’s creative practices, especially the work of Lucy May Schofield, we share one thing in common, having done the same year long residency for VARC; I already feel there is a connection, a place can connect you without even having met before.


I experienced my first ever Skype mentoring session with Jack Welsh (as part of the Studiobook programme), he has already made me think more deeply about my work, so if a one hour session can do that….I wonder where a two week intensive will take me!