With the afternoon free until my train I sourced MAISON de la Photographie de Marrakech which costs 40dhs entry and is located at 46, Rue Ahal Fes, Marrakch.

Email [email protected]

www.maisondelaphotographie.ma  tel: 0524385721

The current exhibition is entitled ‘Morocco, the eternal and the ephemeral’ and maintains a chronological presentation showing original prints from the 19th-20th century.

This exceptional legacy of memory, manifests a deep relationship with a beloved country.

There are original  photographs of rare portraits and urban scenes of Tangier by James Valentine and 20th century photographs by Felix and Flandrin. Presented for the first time in Morocco are the photographers Alliance Photo, works of Denise Bellon, Pierre Boucher, René Zuber, made in 1935-1936. Nicolas Muller is always presented with the works of Tanger 1940. Finally there is a projection of a documentary film’ the Berbers of the High Atlas’ 1957 by Daniel Chicault and ‘Gnawa’ by Jacques Willemont.

After a delightful visit and some refreshment from the rooftop cafe they have there I boarded the 6.45 train from Marrakech taking 4.5 hours at a price of 195,00 Dh from platform 1.

A relaxed journey ensued due to Ramadan and despite not fasting I was given dates and water by the train staff whist enjoying the passing scenery on-route to Rabat. However note the train can get very full, especially the first class carriages at other times of the year.