The British Council is situated opposite a popular cafe called ‘Majestic’ and is located on the 5th floor of the British University. As part of my travel bursary networking was key and earlier in February I visited the British Council, however at that time the arts project manager was on holiday and therefore it was important for me to visit again.

This time I met with Farah Fawzi the Councils Arts Project Manager who remembered the business card I left months prior and was available to listen as I explained who I was and what my current project and visit entailed. She was interested to hear about my ideas and film ‘A New Vision” (when the mind hears) featuring Toufik Elbouchiti regarding the ‘gaze’ created specifically with Blind and partially blind audiences in mind. I aim to put together a proposal which will include a cross exchange of artists from Morocco and the North-west of England and potentially Farah will be a good contact to talk through future plans.

Worth noting is an art supplies shop called FORTIN SELECT just further down the road from the British University and British Council.

In the afternoon I visited L’Espace Expressions, a free entry exhibition organised by the CDG Foundation showcasing the work of Moroccan artist Khalil El Ghrib, who apparently rarely exhibits! He was born in 1948 in Asilah where he currently lives and works and does not sign his works nor sell them. I vaguely remember seeing his work at the Marrakech Biennale in February.

The exhibition was well presented in a natural light setting with various framed works on paper and group under different headings. Running through the middle of the space were long rectangular glass boxes containing various detritus and well worn and aged objects.

Khalil El Ghrib states “The time for me is the common factor in all my work”.