I was staying in an apartment in the centre of Rabat that belongs to a Spanish architect and his friend Hanae Elyakoubi Hmimid is currently studying at the ISMAC: institut superieur des métiers de l’audovisuel et du cinéma. She asked if I minded the students using the flat to film a horror thriller as part of their course project. Of course I agreed and was happy to watch the process of organising and filming which I have to say was Moroccan timing! They were due at 8am but after encountering a few issues filming it became an afternoon and very late evening process. I was impressed with the time put into staging, especially the make up artists work which was excellent. I also met Hassane Benabbou the Directeur and specialist in large budget films and special effects who teaches at the University. Sound was recorded by Wassim Ahajjam who is from Chefchaouen known to be one of the prettiest towns in the Rif area. He kindly found me a house to rent for 3 days the following week after I expressed an interest in going there. A few days after the filming took place I visited ISMAC after being invited to the university to see the working space, film sets and campus. I have remained in contacted with Mina Abouelanouar and Hanae Elyakoubi Hmimid two of the students  and we discussed a future collaborative film focussing on woman, so watch this space!