Curious encounters in the garden

Dragonfly  Felt tip pens and brush. Carole Day

I often sit in the garden just listening to the birds and watching the butterflies, bees and various insects flying around.

One late afternoon, in the long shadows, a moment of peaceful Sattva, I experienced a strange and mesmerizing sight.

A dragonfly began circling in the dwindling sunlight. It flew around and around in ever decreasing circles, as if it was compelled to remain in the diminishing rays of the sun. It was so beautiful in its jewelled flight, until at last the sunlight disappeared and it flew away, as I watched in awe.

Wood Pigeons. Pencil. Carole Day.

The same afternoon I saw, high up on the branches of the Chestnut tree, a pair of wood pigeons, perched next to each other, and cooing passionately. It seemed to me that they were kissing as they crossed their beaks and caressed each other’s necks. So surprising, so beautiful.