Hello A-N!

Just wanted to say hello and announce our Open Call inviting you to propose your artwork for a solo (or group) show in one of our contemporary dolls house art galleries in the Small House Gallery family: Small House Gallery One, Small House Two, Small House Cottage, and (for a limited time period) Small House Garage!     https://smallhousegallery.uk      FB @SmallHouseGallery      INSTA @small_house_gallery       TWIT @Small_House_G_ .

For dimensions and a list of FAQs have a look here <<<(Open call info page)

and then when you’re ready to submit, hop over to here. <<<(Submissions)

The first link is to the website’s Open Call page, and has approximate measurements for the original 3x level SHG1 and for its almost twin (but for the additional floor) SH2.

The second link takes you to the CuratorSpace submission page which can accept up to 10 images of your work, a CV/bio, and as many links as you like. It’s free to apply and free to show. There’s a rolling deadline on Small House submissions, so don’t panic, there’s no rush.•

*(Caveat: we are experiencing problems with importing works from outside the UK right now, including from the EU, thanks to Brexit! So for now, we can’t accept anything except 2D works from outside the UK – only things that fit into a large A4 envelope at most. We’re hoping to sort that because we want to be able to show miniature sculptures, videos, sound works, light installations, and who knows what else from artists from anywhere on Earth! And that sometimes means the temporary loan by the artist to us of equipment they want used to display their digital stuff, which HMRC has deemed requires us to pay, for example, £65.28 to release an emerging French digital artist’s work that got sent to us 2 weeks ago and we only found out about it yesterday. Not cool. So we’re in search of solutions and workarounds with HMRC on waiving the Import VAT for temporary noncommercial art exhibitions that are going to be sent right back to the artists afterwards, and we’ll put any answers we may uncover in a blog or a guide so nobody else has to experience that rollercoaster of emotion that getting such a letter from ParcelForce will subject you to!)




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