My first opportunity this week to get into the studio, and it’s not too cold today!

I’m commissioned to make a garden mirror. With much foresight, when I was cutting down several large bushes in the garden, I stripped them and labelled them, thinking I might use them eventually. The frame I’ll make for the mirror will use the Hibiscus that had failed because it was crowded out in a border. So it will live on – in a different form.

While waiting for the mirror I returned to some small preparatory painting/drawings I work on intermittently. Painting is the one activity where I can lose myself completely – and do not have an expectation of a certain outcome. These small works are building into an interesting series.


It seems a long time since that holiday in Croatia: I’ve settled in to a routine in my studio, but will probably have to move into the house for the winter. That will be a challenge – I’ll probably find myself working digitally again which will be interesting. I like this constant movement across art forms.

BUT I do have ideas for painting which will need cold hours in the studio.

C’est la vie.