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I turned the mural job down. It was a long drive at the start and end of each working day. They were not going to include any expences outside the fee. I just thought I dont need to work that hard.

I have had my foot right hard down on the gas pedal for what seems 18 months or more even. You cant keep that pace up indefinately? I still have stuff to do but just with more time inbetween them.

Now, Cosmo has no problem with leisure and active time. He chills out during the day and makes the most of his active walk time.

I’m finding it hard to relax in the spare time. I should be reading, drawing, relaxing and reflecting on things. Reviewing my promotional material and approach, enjoying not working so hard.

But there is a little nagging feeling says ‘you should be earning money, there’s a recession on. You should ern all you can, you berk.

I think I’m punch drunk if you know what I mean! I am taking my lead from Cosmo and making an effort to chill out for fecks sake.

So here are a couple of drawings from todays Walk with Cosmo.