This month I received the news that my proposal for a larger walking work has been commissioned through the Turnpike ACTIVATIONS programme, thanks to Arts Council England. This means that all the ideas the Turnpike Walkers and I have been developing since last Spring can now be put into action.

The ground that we have prepared together feels fertile, our latest meeting was brimming with energy – possibilities – of what we want to say, how we would like to explore. Some of us are thinking about social justice issues, others want to make work for enjoyment, the balance feels good.

Key themes at this point are (as working notes):


Environmental justice and following your nose …

Post-industry (mining)

Validation of Culture

Imagination (futures)

Walking as mark-making (nature connectedness) – the brush of vegetation, changing the path with our presence.

Pride (protest?)

We continue to share inspirations with each other in between meetings, such as Jeremy Deller’s ‘Everybody in The Place’, which hi-lights intersectionality, social response and collective action: Jeremy Deller’s ‘Everybody in The Place’ documentary on Acid House in London, a film in collaboration with Frieze.

We also read an extract from Olivia Laing’s book Funny Weather suggested by Brit : Read an Extract From Olivia Laing’s Funny Weather: Derek Jarman’s Paradise

And watched Kathy Coffey: How we create community: connect and lead | Kathy Coffey | TEDxSnoIsleLibraries suggested by Jen.

As well as continually reflecting on the process; “it’s a meeting place for radical ideas”, “it’s a place for deeper conversations” and “it’s where we stop sleep walking”.