So quite unbelievably I have not posted in 4 months … this is for a couple of reasons; the main one being that I severely injured my right eye in April and have only recently stopped treatment and have now accepted that I will never have 100% vision in that eye again … this is a bit rubbish, to be honest.


Anyhow, I digress …

So the coaching is going well with the only issue being my current inability to actually ask people to pay me properly.  This of course is not an issue with coaching but an issue with me and my weird relationship to money and my lack of worth when it comes to being paid.  I know that is probably a bit weird for an accredited coach to admit but it is true.  I have huge issues with being paid and that actually affects all aspects of my career.  I am starting peer coaching soon with a friend from my time on the RD1st course and maybe this is something I can pick up with her as it is something I do need to get a handle on.

One of the reasons I applied for the coaching course was to give myself a better chance of a sustainable income to supplement my artistic practice and so it is something I need to get to grips with soon.  On the positive side I have managed to secure funding for my organisation to offer 2 artists 6 sessions each of free coaching so at least I will be paid something soon.