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Hellooooooo (I meant to put that many “o’s” by the way and in my head sounded quite like Mrs Bucket (Bouquet), if you don’t know who that is shame on you).

So I have no written for quite a while and you probably forgot this blog even existed, though exists it does.  I’ve had a bit of a nightmare the last few months in my personal life and been incredibly busy professionally, though sadly leaving little time for my own work (grrr); and as such had to take a step back for a while (opening a new gallery, setting up a new pop up experimental space for artists, graduating from the SSE program and becoming a fellow, organising a new fundraising and network conference for artists and arts professionals (FLAM), curating shows and then suffering severely from hyperemesis when pregnant,to losing that baby just before FLAM in January; has made life very hard and now my sister is having a breakdown so I’m needed there too … see knackering!


Anyhow, I feel that I should update on how the coaching is going.  It is going ok.  I did have an issue last year as one of the people I was offering free sessions to really needed a mentor and didn’t seem to understand reflection and kept asking me “why” I was doing that and turning it around into a “help me, what do I do?”.  So after a couple of sessions I decided it was “ok” to allow myself to be a coach/mentor when it was required, especially as I had knowledge that would help this person develop, and so I started giving over a portion of our sessions to enabling him to get the answers to the questions he needed (practical things).  On the whole it went pretty well and I felt less conflicted.


I had a couple of months off from coaching, owing to the aforementioned, but I have a new client  starting Monday and I am ready to go again.

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