So we had our first opening at Number 4!

AndersonMacgee’s Two, revealed the beauty beneath the white walls of our new gallery by stripping back the paint and carpet, showing us the ornate tiles and bare materials used to construct the room. This process alters our perceptions of the white walled gallery space, provoking thoughts of history and permanence and leaving us eager to view the second piece; a permanent intervention along side the ring road in Hanley City Centre. The opening of the show also saw the launch of AndersonMacgee’s new publication, produced along side the Two show; visitors were seen delving into this throughout the opening.

For the evenings entertainment DJ Beetroot provided us with some funky back ground music while the visitors took in the new work, which was later accompanied by a debut performance from Chromatone; where performance artists responded to a projected video. Hurricane Landcrash reacted with his guitar and computer as artists Chris Simcox, David Clamp and Laura Fletcher responded with drawing, while the audience relished the ability to watch the process.

Attendance was good, the cosy bar area at the back of the room was full of interest as people poured over maps of the city and passed exhibitions press releases and everyone enjoyed the chance to have a sneaky peak at the new building.

A positive beginning to our new abode and we’re really excited to see what is going to happen in the new space.

The Two publication is available to buy from the gallery.

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