AirSpace with Urban Vision Art and Architect Club

27th November 2007 at Burslem School of Art

Dave and Andy were invited to give a presentation as part of the Art and Architecture Club talks, hosted by Urban Vision.

Wanting to steer away from the usual power point presentation they delivered a presentation with a difference; involving scripts, props, guest speakers and aptly timed photographs. Alongside the presentation two artists were given the task of producing a piece of artwork and on another screen was a live projection of the work being created. The artists were Rob Pointon, a local artist currently exhibiting at the Burslem School of Art and Brian Holdcroft and AirSpace Studio artist, whose work will remain in the School of Art for a further two weeks.

The presentation went well and a successful question time followed. Networking events like this are really important to spread the word about the Gallery and it is really important to us to be able to give AirSpace Studio artists opportunities to show their work.




Keeping Up Appearences 

The window project at 4, Broad Street continues to give Stoke on Trent a glimpse into what is happening within the gallery walls. Phil Rawle, AirSpace’s Graphic Designer installed a proposal for his window piece for a few days before the Parallax View; a line drawing with blue tape showing how the work will look upon realisation, the first of a two part piece. An intriguing cross of white tape on the pavement outside the gallery marked the optimum position for viewing the work, although you were required to be a little taller than 5’4" to appreciate it fully.

For the Parallax View passers by were confronted with a more minimal window piece, a white weather balloon pressed between the windows and the beginning of a line of umbrellas that encouraged you to enter the show, where the line of umbrellas continued into an installation by Mozal and Joaquim.

The latest and current piece is the work of AirSpace studio artist Brian Holdcroft, a small series of clay and straw blocks linked with a line of bright blue ribbon. The eye catching colour and striking work will hopefully continue to generate interest in the gallery.


Parallax View

November at the AirSpace Gallery saw the coming together of two artist led spaces. Following a research trip to Moot in Nottingham Dave and Andy invited Tom Godfrey from Moot to co-curate a show at the AirSpace Gallery.

AirSpace designed the research trip scheme in order to create just this kind of opportunity; we believe that networking between artist led spaces is really important and were really excited when Tom took us up on the offer. Networking between Stoke on Trent and Nottingham, a city with a well established art scene, could help increase positive awareness of our city.

The exhibition consisted of the work of nine artists, interwoven with a series of found objects, including tapes from scrap yards available to play, and some risqué found images from the internet.

The artwork though eclectic in appearance was held together by the underlying theme of ‘looking’. Though each artist followed their own agenda a walk around the gallery caused a flow of dizzying perceptions: playing cards whose faces change as you walk past, mirrors placed on the floor and a DVD of a hand animated image, flickering with light.

The exhibition has proven another success for the Gallery with consistently high visitor numbers; with this being the last of our ACE funded exhibitions we look forward to AirTrade, where we might generate enough funds to continue the exhibition calendar a little further.



Tomorrows Arts Masterpieces For Sale in Stoke

AirSpace AirTrade Fine Art Auction 

University Pavilion, Stoke Road

Friday 14th December 7pm

Auctioneer: Mike Wolfe

AirTrade Exhibition,

AirSpace gallery 11th 7pm – 9pm

Viewing on the 12th and 13th  11am – 5pm

Dear Friends and colleagues

This is an invitation to come to AirTrade, AirSpaceâ€TMs auction.

AirSpace is having an auction to raise funds to extend its repertoire of exhibitions. Over 70 artists have pledge work and it is your opportunity to invest in both local and national pieces of work whilst supporting what is proving to be Stoke on Trent most vibrant visual arts asset.

All Artworks are available to view and bid for on the airspace website at www.airspacegallery.org/airtrade, as well as at the AirSpace gallery from the 11th â€" 13th December.

Silent bids will also be taken on 01782 261221 on the 12th December from 11am and 5pm.

On the 14th December the auction opens at 7pm at the Pavilion (Staffordshire University) and the auction starts at 8pm with guest auctioneer Mike Wolfe. All the artworks will be available for viewing on the night.

Entertainment and refreshing will also be provided.

To RSVP your place at the auction please or telephone AirSpace

Thank you for your support, and would like to especially like to thank all the artists who donated work for AirTrade.

Now that the Artists have done their bit, in pledging their work for the cause, it is now your chance to invest in the future Art scene of Stoke-on-Trent, at the same time as getting your hands on a unique and beautiful work of art!

Whether you are looking for that special christmas gift for a loved one, or just looking to fill that art spaced gap on your living room wall, there is sure to be something for you amongst the amazing array of works for sale in AirTrade. Internationally renowned artist Paul Rooney is offering for original signed copies of his vinyl piece ‘Lucy Over Lancashire’. Perhaps you are searching for a gift for a green-fingered friend – the Powell and Weston Bronze wall relief, based on the Neo-Assyrian Stone panel, (from around 645 BC – housed in the British Museum) is a truely unique gifting idea, and would grace the wall of any proud gardener. AirTrade can also reveal that Adam James has 4 prints on offer. Now don’t go spreading this around, but we at AirTrade believe that James is one to watch! This could be the opportunity to get your hands on a masterpiece of the future!

Other featured major artists and works include; Common Culture, Matt Robinson, Rachel Marsden… and limited edition prints from AirSpace.