The Drowning World

Preview: 27th August 6 – 9pm

Exhibition: 28th August – 2nd October

Gallery hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 11am – 5pm

Artists: Dan Davis, Michelle McKeown, Terry Shave.

Artist Talk 18th September

In1962 J. G. Ballard wrote the book The Drowned World, wherein he explored a particular post-apocalyptical scenario and ideas of chaos brought on by the consequences of solar radiation and melting icecaps. Nature takes over, once again, and the world returns to a more primitive state of existence. The protagonist eventually embraces this new natural order but wrestles with the devolutionary position he finds himself in, this sharply contrasts with the determination to retain power and control by other characters. The actions of others eventually persuade the protagonist to find unity with a more organic landscape. After all, you don’t know tranquillity without knowing chaos.

The Drowning World, explores some of this subject matter in relation to contemporary and historical concerns, alongside the layering and transformational processes within the production of art. The artists shown here produce unnerving images, which discuss the dislocation of people related to place, history and society. The notion of strata is key to all of the artists, whether that be historical, physical (in terms of the layering of an image) or social. All of the artists are showing new work in this exhibition.


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Until 23rd August

Paper plane: Questions

Stuart Porter

Who made the first and why? Was its creation an accident of design or a deliberate action of thoughtful development? How did this simple paper folded efficient delivery, where in truth its flight is unpredictable and unreliable in both duration and direction?