AirSpace Gallery is pleased to announce Trying to Cope with Things that aren’t Human (Part One) :-

An international touring group exhibition and publication curated by Ian Brown.

Artist: Alan Currall, Alex Pearl, Annika Strom, Francis Mckee, Ian Brown Heather and Ivan Morison, Johanna Hallsten, Mariele Neudecker, Paul Rooney, Richard Hughes, Richard T Walker and Ryan Gander.

This is the second in a series of exhibitions, which started at David Cunningham Projects, San Francisco in January 2009. The accompanying publication comprised of specially commissioned artworks by Paul Rooney, Heather and Ivan Morison, Richard T. Walker, Annika Ström, Ian Brown, Ryan Gander, Francis McKee and Alex Pearl will be also available at DCP, AirSpace Gallery and Amazon.

Trying to Cope with Things that Aren’t Human (Part One) is a group exhibition that includes work in a gallery format and in a publishable form.


A New Age

Last week AirSpace showed the work of the Fine Art MA students from Staffordshire University. It was a great atmosphere at the opening and it was wonderful to see so many people at the gallery. It reminded me how important these events are for networking for artists, I saw many faces I haven’t seen for a while and got to catch up with some artists and see how their work is progressing. The work that stood out was that of Russell Willett, a large scale drawing on the back wall of the gallery. Also worth noting was the amusing piece by Chris Parks, the description is of a man waiting for his girlfriend to try on clothes during a shopping trip, but what we see is a pigeon sitting on a fence. It was also good to see some eye-catching work in the window, Andy Nash presented a drill with fans attached, hanging from the ceiling and spinning around in the window space.


Asdsan Workshops 2

AirSpace completed their second series of Asdan Workshops last month. Where they delivered Problem Solving workshops to 9 students from St Peter’s School. The students were taught drawing and photography techniques looking at the subject of self-representation. The workshops culminated in a self-curated and promoted show in the AirSpace window.


Laurence Payot will be the first of the Dialogue Box 2009 exhibitors.

Her exhibition 'Back to the Future' will open in the gallery window on the 17th February and will be up until 25th February.

'Looking at today with the eyes of the future…'

'Laurence Payot's new work for Dialogue Box challenges people's perceptions of their everyday surroundings, of what is considered common place in our current culture, and how this would be perceived in 10 or 20 years time.

In February 2009, these pictures were taken in the main streets of Hanley, in the style of postcards, inspired by photographs of Hanley in tourist prospectuses, and of black and white photographs of Hanley on the walls of the museum. These photographs were then manipulated to look like they had been left on windows for a long period of time, discoloured by years of sun and moonlight.'

For more information please visit www.laurencepayot.com


AirSpace are back after a well deserved winter break.

The Conjunction 08 festival was really well received and we are still getting positive feedback.

The next exhibition at the gallery will be 'Trying to cope with things that aren't human (part1)' curated by Ian Brown, that is currently on show at David Cunningham Projects in San Francisco. It will open at AirSpace on the 27th March. Check out the website for more details www.thingsthatarenthuman.com

Also coming up is the next series of Dialogue Box exhibitions, that will be a series of week long exhibitions in the AirSpace Window. This year Dialogue Box will also be hosting a Dialogue Box: Live Art event in May. For application details to these please visit the AirSpace Website www.airspacegallery.org.