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This was the open question that I put in an email following our first meeting with the Artist Working Group. It’s a question that has come in and out of my awareness since. I continue in the email to say that this question is only relevant to ask, once we have a better grasp of one another’s practices.

From the perspective of a long-standing spiritual community, founded in 1962 on the Northeast of Scotland, Carol Riddell suggests that:

“If we don’t know how the others are feeling, how can we work with real rapport?” (‘The Findhorn Community’, Findhorn Press, 1990).

In the email, I also re-cap some points brought up in the first meeting, one of which was the importance of ‘ambiguity’. My interpretation of this, is that the above question can be held lightly and even deliberately forgotten at times. Ambiguity, or inexactness may allow for something between the individuals to manifest, that one individual could not bring alone, or bring about through force.

So knowing how we are feeling, knowing one another’s practices needs to come into our awareness. But it may also go out of awareness in order for the social aspect of the group to emerge in an undeterminable way.