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This grant has enabled me to achieve more than initially anticipated in a different way than planned but I feel confident and value my practice more now than I did twelve months ago.

I will pass on the knowledge I have through workshops and am developing a timetable for the first half of 2018.

I have been able to meet, engage in productive conversations and learn new printing techniques from more of my influencers and peers than initially planned.

Without the bursary I simply did not have the financial resources to embark on the visits.

Joining The British Printing Society has opened up my network and given me access to advice, journals, conventions and a collection of historical reference material through the Small Printer Publication and I aim to join the collaborative BPS Publishing Group and another small but fascinating project ‘Glint Club’ this year.

As part of the annual Christmas Letterpress Exchange I now share and receive original work from Letterpress printers all over the world.

In 2018 the centenary of Womens Suffrage I want to research Women printmakers over the centuries and the printed poster as an activists tool.

I will be continuing with this blog as the project has inspired me and led me to ask more questions about how to sustain my craft in the technical world. I have SO much to learn but so much to share about the beautiful, tactile process of Letterpress printing.