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If I’m honest I was a little disappointed with my paints. Actually more specifically I was disappointed with my paintings not the paints, they were never going to handle like paints bought in a shop. The pigment quality was inferior but that was not the point at all. It was local colour about local landscape and I should have been able to make things work better. I did have some very good results, but this is the rub: I tried to paint like the last time I painted, probably something like 25-30 years ago, where I never really had a plan, just push things around until I was pleased…… I can’t really do that now, firstly for home made paint reasons like covering power and techniques I used to employ just seem better suited to oils. I have been using acrylic and water based varnishes as they dry so much quicker which I like. I just find myself wanting to organise the picture so much more than when I was a student. I guess after all these years I design things in one medium for execution in another. The act of painting just seems a little week all on its own now?
Anyway…I am sure I will return to the paints at some point when I have the right approach. I want to try making them in oil to see how they work in comparison to acrylics. I think a second visit I will approach the whole thing differently.
I have realised my heart is not in it and I have been drawing maps of dog walks with Cosmo instead. This feels much more comfortable as I am enjoying laying out the whole picture and working out how to organise the information within the page….very much a design task, which I am enjoying.
I have set myself a small project:
6 artist benches are now all installed along the stretch of coastline where I live, each bench has been made by a different artist, my one is called ‘The Groyne Wood Bench’. So I have decided to draw a map of a dog walk to visit each one in turn.

Two walks to the same place. The first walk turned out to be before the bench was installed. The second walk is exactly the same route only it had been installed the second time.