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I want to carry on with the residential estates theme so our walk with Cosmo today is what we call the normal walk, but I will walk a little further along the sea front to Sea View Holiday Park. This is mobile homes, hundreds of them what is described on the map as caravan and chalet park.

We have quite a way to get there and my mind goes to those places I don’t know where…off ..to the wind farm…which I can’t see as there is a strange atmospheric veil over the sea. I can see fine on the across the land there is no mist, but out to sea the horizon has gone and there are no clues where sky meets the sea, just a vertical veil…an unusual feeling about, as it’s not often the sea is as calm as this. The waves must be only 2 inches high, in some places they don’t even break, just sort of pulse up the beach without rolling over. It is very still, very quiet and I can make out hundreds and hundreds of sea gulls just floating on the flat pond like sea.

I see a homemade sign advertising bird seed for 1 pound forty a kilo and a front grille for a VW with lamps for 75 pounds, these are attached to a gate leading onto another housing  estate. That will be another dog walk on a different day, it’s an eclectic mix of properties and well worth a look around. I get to the coast guard’s cottages and then just a little further on we enter the holiday park.

Rows and rows and rows of magnolia coloured mobile homes, Willerby – Ashcroft – Aspen- St.David – The Rembrandt – Ocean View Manor – Highlander – Granada – Derwent – Roxbury – ABI. I am confused as some of the homes have a house name. Then there is the name of the style of the home and then there is the name of the manufacturer as well. The result one home can have three names on! Sunningdale ABI – Grosvenor – Highlander. Highlander it seems is a manufacturer of homes and calls them Desire or whatever model it is – Almondside – Malvern. There are so many names, the grandest model I saw was called Vogue and I keep seeing signs saying, keep dogs on the lead and don’t let your dogs run into owners gardens.

Now the gardens are the amazing thing about these homes and Cosmo is really enjoying them and he’s not on his lead either. The place is deserted, I have seen only one light on so far, so I’m going to let Cosmo run all over peoples gardens in between the reconstituted stone wells – concrete birds – wire birds – the arrangements of rocks – hanging baskets – topiary bushes – hose pipes – up lighters – corn dollies – pigs in concrete cars – vases – pots – Buda – giant mushrooms – wind chimes – a stone bust – BBQ’S – metal owls – gnomes – bird tables – plastic chickens – hollowed out logs with plants in – calor gas bottles -dream catchers – seats made of drift wood and a bike with handle bars the same colour as those DYNO-ROD vans used to be and Como did not knock any of these over.

Sign says I can trade in my tourer for a luxury holiday home. MINIMUM trade in 2000 pounds. As we walk around to the show room forecourt where second hand ones are for sale I see a totally random interpretation panel showing me what a chaffinch looks like.  So for 58,995 with a deposit of 3900 and monthly payments of 897 I can buy a swanky 2 bedroom one. At the other end of the scale I could also get a two bed for 21,995 with a deposit of 2,200 and monthly payments of 334.

All the names on this side of the park are N. America states and I’m bored with names now.  The trees here not exactly pollarded and their not copiced either, trunks cut at about 6 foot high with shoots bursting from the top of the trunk none of these trees have any limbs? I saw no one and only one single car drove past me the entire time I was there. Now it is time to return home the laundry’s closed and so is the bar, I can see plywood sheets over the pool tables with waste bins and boxes on top and chairs are stacked on the table tops and will be for a month or two yet.