Hello from the study group (well…Bettina). Our study period has ended and we are now back in our individual endeavours, perhaps still taking the time to digest what we have explored together or integrating what we’ve individually taken from these sessions into our lives and practices in multitude of ways. Recently I have been reminded of the idea from The Undercommons where studying is the thing we do together and how text is a social event. In Session #2 we had a reading session of excerpts from the book Humankind: A Hopeful History and during the session recorded audio notes of reflections and responses to what we had read. We shared these audio recordings with artist Paul Stan Nataraj, who then created a response which you can listen to here. You can read more about the work there. I like how studying could be a very generative process, where discussions from a reading group could become actual materials to create with and the resulted work gives another perspective to what was studied and discussed.

Above image from Paul Stan Nataraj