We visited Butley Mills Studios, Asylum Studios and Old Jet Studios  This allowed us to have an insight into the diverse works and processes used by Suffolk artists working closely together in shared studios.

One of the highlights from the Butley Mill’s Studio visit was being able to see the bronze casting process in action.  I found the casting process fascinating to watch, especially since it is a very traditional process which has not changed over the years.  Personally, I am interested in process, so I found the many stages and methodical approach to creating a mold and pouring molten bronze into it, more fascinating than the actual sculpture! Seeing the process in action definitely made me appreciate the skill and labour required to produce such sculptures.

As well as the artworks themselves, I also found the mangled metal objects and corroded rusty surfaces very interesting.  The wooden workbenches had many layers of wear and tear, chisel marks and indentations, revealing traces of the hours of skill required to produce sculptures.