I have come across the autobiographical work of Louise Bourgeois but I am particularly interested in her hardbound book Album 1994.  The book includes 68 black and white photographs, illustrating Louise Bourgeois’ life, with 48 reflective comments printed onto translucent half sheets of vellum, which overlap the photographs.  I find the use of translucent paper, partially obscuring the photographs, making them appear faded and ghostly, particularly successful.  The paper has a delicate quality to it.  I have looked at this series of pages from Bourgeois’ Album because I am interested in the personal and sentimental qualities of this piece.  I love the captions and the personal narrative behind her life story told through a traditional style photo album.  Bourgeois seems to unpick and try to understand her past.  I am interested in exploring my own family history and genealogy in my work.